Moonshades: a dungeon crawler RPG v1.8.7 (Money) Mod Apk

Moonshades: a dungeon crawler RPG (Money) Mod Apk
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Moonshades is a dungeon-crawler-based role-playing game created to replicate the rich and exciting atmosphere and experience of old-fashioned role-playing games. The Dungeon Crawler game includes offline quests, dark dragons, as wizards and hunters can blow your mind.

Do you remember the thrill of an old-fashioned game that is influenced by dungeons and dragons in 3D environments with an engaging deep tale of the dragon-crawler? Begin your journey in an unsettling world stuffed with myths, old magical dragons and medieval kingdoms, and wizards. The legends of the past come back when you play the virtual role-playing experience!

The Moonshades tale takes you on a journey to live under the rubble of towns and then into the darkest dungeons and hidden monsters and dragons. The dark kingdoms of the past have invaded the land, leaving behind the crown’s treasures and glory, but the possibility of the story’s future is not lost in the darkest underworld dark dungeons. Family members of Harten fight to the very limits to protect the secrets of the wizard that ruled their families. Join in the fight to bring peace and joy back to these enchanting worlds that are full of fantasies! be rewarded for your efforts!

The Essences are the core of Moonshade’s role-playing game.

Mythical creatures, wizards, and other creatures from the realm of darkness, such as dragons, skeletons, and Skeletons, are seen in a bizarre hand-crafted Dungeon crawler.
Prepare yourself for battles in the hunter style and find the most efficient method of fighting your most intimidating opponents.
Access upgradeable equipment for hunters (weapons and armors and accessories). Utilize amazing artifacts to enhance them!
Action and storytelling are necessary to overcome dungeon crawler problems and the puzzles that are similar to those in the classic offline role-playing game.
Combat is real-time for incredible loot, mage, and wizard items and your skills that are fantasies!
Learn various skills and spells that can help you defeat the evil forces of darkness. Learn the latest effects that players can use!
Find your way to survive in this fantasy world of the medieval age and keep an open mind. Assistance might be from an uninvited wizard or other unexpected sources to resolve the mysteries and puzzles. Do not forget to explore any pathways!
Track your tracks and follow the footsteps of hunters; talk and trade with NPCs during your journey; search for clues to solve the problems.
Explore the fairy-tale and wizard days of the kingdoms through the most disturbing, darkest memories of fallen heroes! Discover those scrolls written by Harten and Aesthirya to uncover the legends and stories of the medieval kingdoms.
Avoid the devious and deadly traps in the labyrinths of darkness!
Explore with The Magic Forge: concoct powerful mage potion, master relics, and then transform the equipment you have!
Discover the dragons and the dungeons of this dungeon-crawler game anytime and anywhere via online role-playing
Discover the most frightening fantasies of the Arcane Dung’s horrifying labyrinth filled with treasures and loot if the sacred Moons will let you in!

Moonshades will remind us that we shouldn’t give up the classic RPG games such as the dungeon crawler that kills dragons, hunting and magic, and all the romance that comes with the long-running medieval game even today’s fast-paced (often turbulent) globe. With Moonshades, you will experience the ambiance and excitement of playing offline role-playing games with modern-day features. I’m a huge fan of games that require playing, such as The Eye of the Beholder, Might & Magic, and Dungeon Master, which was the foundation of this game.

As an ideal for indie developers, Moonshades is always evolving to bring joy back to these classic RPG games, which are now available on mobile devices that allow players to experience in offline mode. Several quests, puzzles, and adventures can be found in the classic RPG game, and I’d like to share them with the players. I’m open to your suggestions to avoid the common mistake of being too obsessed with my favorite games!

Go to the teleport and have absolute fun playing the most iconic RPG game, as well as an offline adventure in role-playing!

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Bugfixes. Full changelog on Discord.

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