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The Battle of Polytopia MOD (Unlock Everything) APK
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Midjiwan released Battle of Polytopia in 2016 as a unique, exciting turn-based strategy game. This is your chance to conquer the world and make your city and civilization more advanced. As village chief, you will be able to control the map and build your village.

Connect with other players and fight for victory. You will also be able to play with other players who are at the same speed as you. You are in for an exciting and intense battle. Don’t Wait any longer to build your city.

Various Game Modes

Battle of Polytopia will allow you to play in both single-player or multiplayer modes. Perfection and Domination will be the two minor game modes for single-player. Perfection allows you to play up to 30 times, and your opponent must be defeated in under 10 minutes. The game system will determine who has the highest score. If he does, he is declared the winner. Domination is the last game mode. Your task is to conquer all civilizations and become only rulers. Although it was a longer-lasting mode, Domination is still a favorite because of the added challenges and dramatic atmosphere. You will be playing against real players in multiplayer mode. It is important to maintain a stable connection.


Two game modes are available: Might and Glory. It is a brutal battle between clans. Only the most talented can afford to be dominant. It is impossible to predict how quickly they will become stronger over time. You want to take over other tribes. Glory mode can be described as a race between you and your opponent to win points. You must score 10000 points. You will win if you beat your opponent to this score. Glory is a very popular strategy game such as Battle of Polytopia. To be able to rise first, all players must attempt to limit the power of their opponent. If you don’t plan your strategy well, it won’t be easy to win. The single-player mode is available for free, but the multiplayer mode will cost you.

Your Tribe Can Grow

Battle of Polytopia will make you the leader of a tribe. To build the most advanced civilization, you must develop and upgrade technology. High technology will make you a formidable opponent of other tribes. Each match allows you to purchase technology. It would help if you had stars to pay for everything. Stars can be earned by building cities.

Another technology is also available to you if you win races. Because you can harvest them, cities are considered to be the most important element of the game. The higher your city is, the more stars it will earn. To collect more stars, you should try to upgrade and develop them. The game has many mission options. You will be rewarded with stars if you complete all of the tasks.


Battle of Polytopia was a huge success when it had a new, outstanding interface. The interface is simple and uses 3D graphics with poly pixel style to enhance the game’s colors. The publisher has reduced the volume of the background music to ensure that players are not distracted while playing this genre. The sounds of nature can be used to create a more relaxed and positive atmosphere for players.

Battle of Polytopia can be played during recess, before bed, to help you feel more relaxed, or if the strategy is your thing, you should not ignore it.

What's new

General Balance: -Increase income for clearing forest to 2* -Increase the price of the knight to 10* -Improved map generator -Replaced teach stealing when meeting a new tribe with star rewards based on that tribe's score -Mountain defense bonus moved to climb the tech -Cymanti toned down a few steps to be more on par with the others (nerfed) and much more... New Features: -ELO rating for multiplayer games -Show win ration on friend info -UI Improvements

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