Train Simulator PRO 2018 v1.5 (Unlimited Money/Diamond) MOD APK

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Train Simulator PRO 2018 (Unlimited Money/Diamond) MOD APK
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Train Simulator PRO 2018 (Unlimited Money/Diamond) MOD APK

Mageeks is an industry leader in simulator games designed for mobile phones. They’ve achieved great success by publishing Bus Simulator PRO 2017, Airport Simulator PRO 2016. Airport Bus and Flight Simulator … Today, we’re playing the most played simulator game, Train Simulator PRO 2018; you’ll transform into an operator and control the train engine while transporting thousands of passengers to the back. Try to collect the passengers safely manner to the terminal.

If you’re bored with racing games such as Asphalt 8 or Need For Speed, The racing simulator you can download on your phone is a unique fresh game. It will provide you with a first-person perspective and help you become an experienced driver and take the people to wherever they’d like to go. With the authentic replica of the game, Train Simulator PRO 2018 provides you with the most enjoyable experience of driving in a mission. Additionally, you’ll be able to see the most recent pictures of famous landmarks, including cities and suburbs from well-known states, such as the United States or European countries.

The experience of playing the Train Simulator Pro 2018 game can not only help you become a better driver, but it can make you an intelligent engineer. If you operate trains for an extended duration or brake in a way that is not done correctly, you can cause locomotives to fail. If you are in this situation, there is no one to help you. Your only choice is to take on the engineer by yourself and do repairs to the train you are driving. The producer is prepared to supply players with up to six locomotives. Your job is to overcome the obstacles and unlock each locomotive slowly.

The game requires the highest concentration levels since players need to pay attention to their surroundings to ensure they can manage any situation most safely. Be aware that getting your train running is a challenge; the handgrips are numerous as well as driving the train is highly challenging, so don’t get frustrated, but you must master the game since it’s an actual Simulation sport. It is a fact that you’ll need to purchase oil to run the train. This is a fact.

If you listen to the train’s sound, in reality, Train Simulator PRO 2018 will reproduce precisely the sound that it makes. The train’s sound to sound and even the thunder of lightning during rainy days are replicated in a highly realistic manner. This game can be breathtaking with its 3D-generated graphics that are authentic to live, and every scene is exactly what you would experience in real life. Of course, setting the stage and changing the weather according to time is a good idea. Weather can be unpredictable and dark in the evening. Don’t forget to switch off the lighting.

Train Simulator PRO 2018 is an excellent train driving simulator that is available on Android and iOS. It allows you to become a better driver and travel across the railroad crossing the country while discovering the region’s tranquil suburbs and overcrowded hills. The entire experience is included in Train Simulator PRO 2018.

The game is priced at $5 on Google Play, the Google Play app store, and the App Store However, you can download it free using the .apk (for Android) and .ipa (For iPhone) files below. Enjoy your adventure with the Train Simulator PRO 2018. And remember to visit and download the latest games and apps to Android and iOS.

Are you thinking about being a train engineer? Train Simulator PRO 2018 allows you to control precisely-modeled locomotives that operate freight or passenger trains across the eastern portion of the US. If you’re seeking fast freight or passenger locomotives that can transport dozens of vehicles in our simulation game, you’ll discover all of it. Whatever you select, be aware of speed limitations, crossings at rail crossings, signals, as well as other railroads. Pick your route with care to boost profits and create the largest railroad corporation throughout the US!

When you travel, you’ll be viewing photographs of realistic graphics, including cities, suburbs, factories, as well as countrysides and others. Every locomotive has a carefully created engineer’s cabin with functioning gauges and levers that ensure the highest level of realism. But, it’s essential to be careful as driving in a hurry and pressing too much on the brakes can result in damages to your train. Put your engineer’s cap on and start!

The primary characteristics are: Nearly 1,000 acres of land
15 locations to visit and then choose a job
Six unique locomotives
14 cars that are full of details (3 people and 11 freight)
Motors and cars damage the system
Train cabs with levers and gauges that are interactive and have functions
A dynamic weather model, day/night cycle, and day/night cycle
Trains and traffic along other roadways
Graphics that have a photorealistic look
Modern technology for signaling and speed limit systems.

What's new

Howdy Train Simulator PRO Friends!

Here's a list of latest addition:
- Android 11 support
- Minor bug fixes and adjustments to improve overall player experience.

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